Site on hiatus

OpenUserCSS is currently unavailable.

I've decided to put the site on hiatus. Due to a number of errors in how I originally constructed it, it has become too overwhelming to keep running and I currently either don't have the time or motivation to constantly fix issues that kept it from being online.

What now?
I'm privating the repository on Github until the hiatus is over. I consider the code in there so bad that it would need a complete rewrite to be stable and match the quality I'm able to write today. I will also keep a copy of the data uploaded to the site so far. Personal information will be removed so when the site eventually gets remade you will need to re-register.

How about the future?
I'm keeping the domain and I'm likely to not be open to transfer ideas. Due to the circumstances in which OUC was created, any transfer of ownership would create distrust towards the new owner. Once I have time and motivation once again, I will work on recreating the site the way it should have been made. If an alternative site pops up in the meantime, I might just redirect there or compete with it, depending on its completeness/success.

Closing notes
The site has recently been plauged by issues, ranging from logic bugs to downtime due to a type mismatch. Usually these issues were intermittent so I was hesitant to debug them, but recently they became persistent for some reason. I should have realised that sooner and either fixed it or pulled the site, like I'm doing now. My bad.

- DecentM