Discord Solar Eclipse

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Created: July 24, 2018 (+0000)

Last updated: August 10, 2018 (+0000)

Version: 2.0.1

alamais has applied their own license to this theme.
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A dark Discord theme based on the Solarized color palette. Solarizes much of the main area: channel list, text, text entry, user list.

v2.0.1 Bugfix in channel list for…certain versions? Might be related to older browser (Opera 49.0).
v2.0.0 Changed to use CSS variables for the colors. Won’t work in old browsers (pre-2016 for Safari, any IE).
v1.1.0 Updated for early-August 2018 selector changes, fixed some existing bugs.
v1.0.0 Original import.


Uhh Creative Commons Attribution license, I guess?

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