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Created: July 30, 2018 (+0000)

Last updated: July 30, 2018 (+0000)

Version: 1.0.0

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Hides rarely used sections such as subscribe. Removes a lot of white space. Applies to the new late 2016 styles used for the OU moodle system.
Initially applying to learn2.open.ac.uk, will probably also be relevant for others.
To view hidden elements, turn off stylish styles temporarily.

I’ll look at something like moving them to the end of the page as a better long term option - suggestions welcome via the AL ICT forum.

2016-12-26 Put comments in to explain changes
2017-01-06 Also hiding "This item is also available …"
2017-01-08 Made available for learn3 domain
2017-01-08 Added float left to reduce right movement of posts.
2017-01-08 Added space for tabs above main area
2017-01-09 Reverted author area for old site layout issue - will rethink later
2017-01-09 Removed accidental colour
2017-05-07 Reinstate mark as read tick
2018-03-25 Removed navigation sections and saved as new version
2018-03-26 Reinstated left navigation section

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