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Created: April 05, 2020 (+0000)

Last updated: April 24, 2020 (+0000)

Version: 1.1.1

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GamePedia, especially their wikis suck. If you don’t like the advertisements, video rolls and other bullocks they like to stuff fandom pages for the sake of making some coin with stuff you literally do not care about, and don’t like seeing advertisements for other video games around content for a game you are researching then this style will help to remove all of that junk so you can better focus on what matters most.
Update 04/05/20.1 The rules for this style applied everywhere so I fixed it by exporting to Mozilla format. Forgot I had to do that on here!
Update 04/05/20.2 Completely forgot about regexp, updated rule for regexp matching.
Update 04/19/20 Removed Fandom footer, vastly improved the regexp so GamePedia wiki URLs are the only thing affected, for all wiki pages.
Update 04/24/20 Didn’t take you too long GamePedia. Seems like the wiki had a recent code update which countered some aspects of the code. I’ve long since grown tired of cleaning the code up to be <i>just</i> what it needs, so incremental updates will include obsolete or non-functioning components.

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